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Warin son of Orm son of Magnus (c1130 - )

Parents: Orm son of Magnus & Alice Walter

Born: c1130
Flourished: c1150-c1160      
Died: unknown

Roger de Hutton & Medlar born c1130 d<1200


Marriage: unknown


Roger (aka Fergus) born c1150
Adam de Corney born c1160

- Lancs Pipe Rolls 1130 & 1155-1216 & Early Charters
- Werden [sic] MSS
- Dodsworth MSS


Between 1153 and 1160, Orm son of Magnus & Warin his son were witnesses to this confirmation of earlier grants to the Abbey of Evesham. Despite appearances, this is not geographically misplaced, as Penwortham Priory was attached to the Abbey of Evesham in what is now Worcestershire.

Source: Lancs Pipe Rolls 1130 & 1155-1216 & Early Charters, Series V, Charter #IV p322-323_Farrer

Farrer comments at length on this and the following charter on pages 323-325 of the source cited above.


Between 1153 and 1160 (and apparently on the same occasion as the previous charter) Orm son of Magnus & Warin his son were witnesses to a grant which dovetails with Charter #IV above. The other witnesses - or at least those named - were identical for both charters.

Source: Lancs Pipe Rolls 1130 & 1155-1216 & Early Charters, Series V, Charter #V p325-326_Farrer


This undated but otherwise identical version of the above is recorded as Charter #XXXV in the Werden (sic) MSS.

The dating of such charters is usually an editorial addition, based on the known dates of the parties involved and/or the witnesses, or other historical events.

Confirmation (undated 1160-1180) by Roger son of Ranulf de Marsey to Roger son of Orm of the half part of Heaton in Lonsdale which his father Orm had held of the grantor's ancestors. Witnesses: Warin son of Orm, and others (Bodleian Library, Dodsworth MSS lxxxiii f. 6b).

To date, no further evidence has been found of Warin. If he was still alive at the time John son of Essolf gave land in Stansfield [held of Jordan son of Essolf] to his daughter Amabella and Roger son of Warin, on occasion of their marriage, then this would extend the above 'flourished' period by at least five years. (This being so because the grant of Stansfield lands by Hamelin, Earl Warenne, to Jordan son of Essolf could have been no earlier than April 1164 when Hamelin acquired these lands by marriage.)

My thanks to researcher Joanne Backhouse for her collaboration and guidance regarding the Stansfeld family and Calderdale.